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A new blog has been created with the main focus on technical articles that interest me. This includes DevOps, network technology, system administration, IT security, programming and home automation.
Many devices can greet you with hello
Many devices can greet you with hello (Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels)
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Hello and welcome to my new blog.
I’ve been planning to post in a blog again for some time. I will update individual articles from my previous blog and transfer them to this blog, with which I will then shut down the previous blog. By the way, this page is generated with Hugo, whereby I have this page generated with GitLab CI. - Blog post about this topic will follow ;-)

Why here and with a generator for static files?
I like to have control over my own data, I want to deliver this website as efficiently as possible and if it lacks functions, I can simply extend them by myself. Other software that generates pages dynamically requires a corresponding backend to process the pages. I don’t think that’s necessary for a simple blog and static HTML data is perfectly adequate.

Speaking of expanding the page, as soon as I’ve published a few posts I plan to do a complete redesign of the page. The current template (ghostwriter) only serves as a transition to be able to start with the page and the first posts. Among other things, I am planning far-reaching optimizations of the site and some dynamic functionality such as sending out newsletters.
The new design with many optimizations is active now. Hugo does a great job minifying the output to reduce file sizes. Images are automatically resized to better fit the client view which even further reduces the transferred data of this page. In my first tests, only about 90kB were transferred which resulted into an page load time of about 200ms.
I am further optimizing this site and want to add dynamic functionality like newsletter, search, automatic twitter posts, and other things later.

What’s next?
I want to publish further developments of this page, other projects and general topics that I find interesting. In addition to topics such as DevOps, network technology, system administration, I want to post about programming, home automation and IT security. So this website should also serve as a reference work for me. On top of that I want to improve my English skills. (Found a mistake? At the bottom of every page is a “Report error” link to contact me 😉)
I will update individual articles regularly so that they are up to date.

Who do I serve ads?
Operating this site and other services costs money and many many time. This way I want to reduce ongoing costs and, if possible, cover operational costs of the services. Because privacy is important for me, I disabled tracking within Google Ads as far as possible and only non-personalized ads are served. This reduces my income, but has the benefit that no cookies are set and that tracking is reduced to a bare minimum.
If you want to support me, please disable your adblocker or, even better, buy me a coffee 😊

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